Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Other Peer-Reviewed Publications and Policy Briefs

Working Papers

Research in Progress

  • “Aspirations and Gender in Agriculture” (with Selina Bruns, Martin Tabe-Ojong, David Ortega, and Ashok Mishra).
  • “Weather Shocks, Productivity, and Crop Diversification in Nigeria,” (with Joaquin Mayorga and Ashok Mishra).
  • “In-person vs. high-frequency phone surveys for predicting food security with machine learning: A multi-country comparisson” (with Syed Baddrudoza, and Ashok Mishra).
  • “Modernizing Smallholder Agriculture and Achieving Food Security: An Exploration in Machinery Services and Labor Reallocation in China”, (with Ashok Mishra and Baoling Zou).
  • “Climate change is increasing irrigated corn yields, but it could also have negative impacts,” (with Jorge Delgado and Robert Adamo).
  • “Market Facilitation Program Payments, Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance and Off-Farm Employment,” (with Ashok Mishra and Cristina Miller).
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